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Author archives: Cherry Taylor

Rail line breakthrough result of hard lobbying

Rail line breakthrough result of hard lobbying Wairoa Star, Wairoa East Coast 03 May 2016 It is a welcome breakthrough to see some firm agreement between Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and Kiwirail, after a four-year-long agonising fight to return full services to the Napier Gisborne regions began on March 2012. We congratulate all who participated, [...]

Minister must ensure 111 issue is fixed

Minister must ensure 111 issue is fixed The Police Minister must ensure the 111 fault is fixed as an urgent priority as a 40 minute wait can be the difference between life and death, says Labour’s Police spokesperson Stuart Nash. “The Police have said the fault lies with their system. This must be fixed immediately. [...]

Port used as ‘worst case’ collateral

The Napier Port and other regional assets could be used as collateral if – in the “worst case scenario” – the Ruataniwha dam puts the Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company into liquidation. The investment company had previously denied the port would ever be used in such a manner. This was revealed during a council debate [...]

New Kiwi water bottling plant expects to ship overseas from July

Up to 30,000 litres of Hawke’s Bay drinking water will be bottled every hour and shipped overseas when the region’s latest bottling plant opens. From July, 50 to 75 truckloads of water will leave the plant each day and travel to the Port of Napier, then onto China and other countries. One Pure International Group [...]

Millions lost selling water – MP

The region stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars if water continues to be taken from our aquifers for water bottling for free. The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has issued nine consents for water bottling. These show that over the next 11 years, private businesses can extract more than 40 million cubic litres of [...]

Stuart Nash Message – RSA Centenary

Stuart Nash Message Hawke’s Bay Today, Hawke’s Bay -20 Apr 2016 Like many New Zealanders my forebears served in the armed services during the First and Second World Wars. While I profess to not knowing much about my great grandfathers First World War service record, I do know my grandfather fought at Cassino and lost [...]

Bay man sparked up over new car

He’s had it just hours, but John Bridgeman already knows his new car will exceed all of his expectations. It is an electric car, the latest Tesla Model S P90D on the market, and it is in such high demand there are about 300,000 orders on backlog and won’t be available until next year. Read [...]

Vehicle thefts up but few solved

Vehicle thefts increased 28 per cent in Hawke’s Bay last year – and police are solving less than one in eight cases. Official Information Act figures released to Hawke’s Bay Today show the number of recorded vehicle thefts in the Bay increased from 455 in 2014 to 581 last year. Offenders were caught in 71 [...]

Letter to Commissioner of Police

Letter to Commissioner of Police RESULT FROM NAPIER POLICE PUBLIC MEETING A resolution has been passed stating the following: “That the Eastern Districts Police Commander will review the new structure and location after 12 months using an evidence-based approach, as per the Policing Excellence objectives, and adjust priorities and resources according to the outcomes of [...]

Call for regions to launch rocket bid

With advocates such as Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chairman Fenton Wilson, councillor Rex Graham and Napier MP Stuart Nash, support is being rallied throughout the region for Wairoa District Council’s bid to “put Hawke’s Bay on the map forever”. The council is trying to secure the manufacturing facility for Auckland-based company Rocket Lab. The firm [...]