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3 News: Govt writes off $5b tax debt

3 News, 11 January 2015 The Government has written off nearly $5 billion in tax debt since coming to power, which the Opposition says tells a different tale to the touted “rock star” economy. Since the financial year ending in 2009 the Government had written off $4.9b in tax debt for more than one million [...]

3 News: Federated Farmers backs foreign owners registry

3 News, 10 January 2015 Federated Farmers is backing a call from Labour’s Stuart Nash for a register and audit of sales of land to foreign buyers. “We just need to make sure that those who are investing in New Zealand land and assets actually, all strategic assets, are adding value over and above that [...]

Waikato Times Editorial: Foreign land ownership register sensible

Editorial, Waikato Times, 10 January 2015 Labour’s land information spokesman, Stuart Nash, was given grist for politicking last month when news broke that Land Information New Zealand officials were working on a register of foreign buyers of New Zealand property. He welcomed the initiative, but pressed the Government for more details. Read more here

Radio New Zealand: Call for overseas investment audit

Radio New Zealand, 8 January 2015 Labour MP Stuart Nash wants an audit done on overseas investment applications to determine whether they will add value to the country. Few applications to buy sensitive land were declined by the Overseas Investment Office, and none were declined in the past three years. Mr Nash said people needed [...]

HB Today Talking Point: Stuart Nash – Challenging 2015 awaits us all

7 January 2015, Hawke’s Bay Today Talking Point: This year – 2015 – will be a year of challenges and opportunities for Napier and Hawke’s Bay. This time next year, the amalgamation debacle will be done and dusted. Personally, I think the whole process has been an absolute shambles and the Local Government Commission needs [...]

Tax man reaping little in return for extra spending

13 January 2015 MEDIA STATEMENT The National Government has more than doubled the amount it spends chasing tax debt but the level of outstanding tax remains at a near record high, Labour MP Stuart Nash says. “Answers to written questions from Labour show the Inland Revenue is now spending $90 million a year chasing tax [...]

Government wipes off $5 billion in tax debt

11 January 2015 MEDIA STATEMENT Since coming to office, the National Government has written off $5 billion* in tax debt owed by more than a million, Labour MP Stuart Nash says. “There are two sides to the New Zealand economy under the National government: the ‘rock star economy trumpeted by Finance Minister Bill English and [...]

Petrol retailers and importers must pass on savings

8 January 2015 MEDIA STATEMENT New Zealand’s petrol retailers and importers must start passing on savings to Kiwis motorists following the dramatic drop in the price of crude oil, Labour’s Energy Spokesman Stuart Nash says. “It is great news for Kiwi drivers that the price of petrol is falling. However, New Zealanders have been paying [...]

Foreign investors must uphold their promises

7 January 2015 MEDIA STATEMENT The Government must ensure foreign investors uphold their commitment to add value to sensitive New Zealand assets* they purchase, after new figures show National has declined just 1.5 per cent of all applications, Labour’s Land Information spokesperson Stuart Nash says. “Figures compiled by the Parliamentary Library show that since taking [...]