Blog | Stuart Nash National MPs vote against petrol price probe

Stuff website, 25 February 2015 Labour’s Stuart Nash had asked Parliament’s finance and expenditure select committee to investigate rising retailer margins, and was backed by the Greens and NZ First. But government MPs, who hold the majority on the committee, this morning said no. A fall in international crude oil prices saw forecourt prices drop [...]

HB Today Editorial: A monster bigger than King Kong

Hawke’s Bay Today Editorial, 21 February 2015 It was Napier MP Stuart Nash who spoke for many yesterday when he pointed out that during the colourful craziness of the Tremains Art Deco Weekend those who wandered the inner city at its celebratory peak in “civvies” tended to sort of feel, well, strangely dressed. You have [...]

TVNZ: Letter a ‘blatant admission motorists being overcharged’ – Labour

Friday February 20, 2015 Source: ONE News A letter to petrol companies warning them they have been too slow to cut their prices is no way to hold oil companies to account, Labour says. Referring to a letter Energy Minister Simon Bridge has written to petrol companies, Labour’s energy spokesman, Stuart Nash says that is [...]

Kiwi motorists deserve better from Energy Minister

20 February 2015 MEDIA STATEMENT Simon Bridge’s letter to petrol companies warning them they have been too slow to cut their prices is no way to regulate an industry or hold the oil companies to account. It’s also a blatant admission New Zealand motorists are being overcharged, says Labour’s Energy spokesman, Stuart Nash. “I’m surprised [...] Fuel costs inquiry demanded

Stuff Website, 18 February 2015 Labour wants a parliamentary inquiry into fuel costs, concerned that consumers are being ripped off by “unscrupulous merchants”. While petrol and diesel prices have got cheaper by as much as 50 cents a litre in the last year, consumer advocates say industry profit margins are high and the price at [...]

Provinces punished for Auckland housing crisis

02 February 2015 MEDIA STATEMENT Comments from outgoing CEO of the Real Estate Institute, Helen O’Sullivan, on Radio New Zealand last Friday that it’s not the housing market – but the ‘Auckland housing market’ – causing inflationary pressure, and that prices in the provinces are static, with some not even near their 2007 peak, resonates [...]

HB Today: Aussies join amalgamation fray

Hawke’s Bay Today, 28 January 2015 Napier Labour MP Stuart Nash hoped to use Australian speakers to aid the anti-amalgamation campaign. “With amalgamation you would remove the ability for a place like Wairoa to determine its own future … Napier and Hastings would tend to dominate,” Mr Nash said, who also feared for the smaller [...] Tax debt rockets, Labour calls for amnesty

Stuff website, 20 January 2015 Overdue tax debt has “sky-rocketed” in the provinces and Labour is calling on the Government to declare an amnesty. Outstanding taxes have increased in Nelson by $67.9 million (119 per cent), Timaru $15.6m (76 per cent) and Greymouth $5.6m (51 per cent) in the last six years. Palmerston North ($139m), [...]

HB Today: Hub a positive start for 2015

Hawke’s Bay Today, 20 January 2015 Napier MP Stuart Nash described the Hub as a “fantastic” initiative. “I have always said it is vital that those charged with economic development and job creation are sharing the same stories, opportunities and challenges around the same water cooler,” he said. “I congratulate Susan White and BHB for [...]