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Government can’t rely on geothermal to grow itself

While Electricity Authority figures showing geothermal has risen from the fourth to the second highest source of power generation are a promising sign for a geothermal renaissance, there can be no cause for complacency, Labour’s Energy spokesperson Stuart Nash says. “New Zealand has a history of technological innovation in geothermal generation, with a resurgence in [...]

Transparency on foreign buyers register needed

News that Land Information New Zealand officials have been working on a register of foreign buyers of New Zealand homes is a welcome surprise, but Land Information Minister Louise Upston now needs to be clear on the details of the project, Labour’s Land Information spokesperson Stuart Nash says. “It’s no wonder the Government is being [...]

Draft proposal for Wellington no surprise to those in Hawke’s Bay

The Local Government Commission’s Draft Proposal for a “super-city” in the Wellington region is an example of the Commission’s failure to listen to the people and would be no surprise to Hawke’s Bay residents, says Napier MP Stuart Nash. “The proposal announced today for a single Council for the Wellington region – in the face [...]

Keep our police stations open

Police officers often top lists of who we trust the most in our society. And quite rightly so, as they are the guardians of our safety and the protectors of our communities. Recently, however, that reputation has come under threat in Hawke’s Bay. Last week, the Eastern Region’s new District Commander, Sandra Venables, announced that [...]

Lease offer to HBRC on Napier to Gisborne Rail line welcome news

Word that KiwiRail has agreed to lease the Napier to Gisborne Rail line to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) is fantastic news, says Napier MP and rail advocate Stuart Nash. “While I realise that the HBRC has to now commence due diligence on the feasibility of running the line, I know that significant work [...]

LGC position paper on Hawke’s Bay lacks common sense

The Local Government Commission’s Position Paper on the reorganisation of local government across Hawke’s Bay lacks common sense, completely side-steps the issue of council debt, and is based on dubious assumptions that have been proven to be incorrect, according to Napier MP Stuart Nash. “Just why the Local Government Commission believes a governance body of 18 councillors, [...]

The economic philosophy behind Labour’s Forestry and Wood products policy

Last term I was Labour’s Revenue and Forestry spokesman. I loved both portfolios because I truly believed that by manipulating the tax system for good, the government can significantly improve lives, change investment patterns, and promote economic growth, innovation and market engagement; and a visionary forestry policy could take a totally underutilized industry predominantly focused [...]

Johnny Come Down – Boil Up

Back in 2011 this talented group of local musos recorded “Johnny Come Down” — an awesome protest song about our current Prime Minister. The team and I recorded a video for it. Still very relevant in 2014. The Boil Up has since disbanded (into The Tropical Downbeat Orchestra among others) but this great track lives [...]

Why I got in to politics

I’m often asked why I got into politics. I was lucky. I grew up in a home where there was always food on the table, we knew we were loved, education was valued and opportunities offered. My parents believed in the power of communities to find solutions for whatever issues arose, and were never too [...]