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Inquiry may find petrol companies are ripping off some towns to pay for others

New Energy Minister Judith Collins is expected to announce a government inquiry into petrol margins in the coming days, probably led by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The first official look at petrol price behaviour in New Zealand in the best part of a decade, it follows Opposition claims that consumers appear [...]

Interview with Labour’s Stuart Nash about New Zealand’s petrol prices

Interview with Labour’s Stuart Nash about New Zealand’s petrol prices 09 Feb 2017 4:17PM • RadioLIVE, Auckland (RadioLIVE Drive) hosted by Alison Mau Interview with Labour’s Stuart Nash about New Zealand’s petrol prices. In regard to what Energy Minster Judith Collins said in her earlier interview in relation to the inquiries into inconsistent petrol prices, [...]

Probe into capital’s margins

The Dominion Post, Wellington by HAMISH RUTHERFORD and TOM PULLAR-STRECKER 10 Feb 2017 Petrol companies will have to front up on why Wellington motorists face much higher prices than those in Wairarapa or Horowhenua, after Energy Minister Judith Collins confirmed a government inquiry into fuel margins. After growing calls from the AA and Opposition energy [...]

Time for Bennett to stop crime rising

New Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Police Paula Bennett must properly resource Police to tackle rising crime with new figures showing crime rising by four per cent in 2016, says Labour’s Police spokesperson Stuart Nash. “The latest crime statistics released today should be a worry for the new Police Minister. Sexual assaults for last [...]

Immigration and Peter Theil

Wairoa Star – 1 February 2017 Let me start by saying that I believe we need more people in our wonderful country who add value, are good citizens and who can contribute to the health and well-being of our various and varied communities in a very positive way. I also don’t believe that we should [...]

Year of uncertainty, challenges ahead

Wairoa Star, Wairoa East Coast by STUART NASH 19 Jan 2017 SO it is halfway through January 2017 already. A belated Happy New Year to all. It’s hard to believe election year has rolled around again. Personally, I would favour a four-year cycle like Australia rather than the current three years, but that’s a conversation [...]

MP Stuart Nash’s son brings fifth generation of Nash family to Napier Central School

It’s taken travelling the world for Napier MP Stuart Nash to realise that there’s no better place to raise a family than Napier; and the facts don’t lie. When Mr Nash’s youngest son, 5-year-old Will Nash, starts school at Napier Central School tomorrow it will mark a total of five consecutive generations who have attended [...]

Time to smash the gangs

The Government has done enough talking about the ill-effect of gangs on our community, so now it’s time for real action required to smash gangs once and for all, says Labour’s police spokesman Stuart Nash. “In 2014 the Government approved a ‘Whole-of-Government Action Plan to Reduce the Harms Caused by New Zealand Adult Gangs and [...]

More Eastern District police staff paid top rates

Hawke’s Bay Today, Hawke’s Bay by Jordan Bond 24 Jan 2017 The number of highly paid police staff in the Eastern District has risen sharply in the past year. The increase in top salaries coincides with a period when a stretched police budget and frontline staff shortages around the country have been labelled a “crisis” [...]