Eradicating M. Bovis

Wairoa Star – Stuart Nash MP for Napier

Last week the government made a decision to eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis from our beef and dairy herds. We rejected the other option which would have been to simply give up and accept the disease is here to stay.

The cost of managed eradication will be around $880 million, however the cost of accepting defeat is over $1.2billion.

The eradication cost is mainly due to the cost of compensating farmers whose cows will have to be slaughtered. The cost of accepting defeat, just managing the disease, represents the estimated lost productivity on our farms.

Only New Zealand and Norway had been free of M. Bovis till now. We consider it is vital to regain this status, not only for our global brand, but also to maintain long-term productivity of our beef and dairy herds.

There will be an investigation into how M. Bovis got into the country but in the meantime, we need to work together and back each other. In our provincial communities, here in Wairoa and in the wider Hawke’s Bay, we will get behind farmers whose livelihoods have been devastated.

For more information on M. Bovis and the Government’s response, go to one of these websites:

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