Issues that matter to me | Stuart Nash


Growing inequality is one of the biggest issues we face in NZ and we must tackle this head on to build a fairer, more inclusive country. 285,000 kiwi kids in poverty is our nation’s shame. All children deserve a good start in life. We all deserve fair employment laws and we need to lift wages. We need to make sure the wealthiest New Zealanders pay their share of tax. If everyone pays their fair share, everyone can have a fair go.


Decisions affecting Napier’s future should be made by Napier citizens. The current proposal to amalgamate with Hastings is hugely flawed, and a wealth of evidence suggests it will have adverse effects for us. We need to do things better, but amalgamation is not the answer to the challenges facing the region.


The major challenge facing Napier today. Labour’s focus on investment, innovation and industry will build sustainable economic growth in our regions. For example, Labour’s economic upgrade of the Forest and Wood products sector will lead to better jobs and higher wages in Napier.


Quality education helps provide equality of opportunity for all. Novopay, Charter Schools, National Standards… the National Govt. has seriously damaged our world class education system. It’s vital we have an inclusive education system that meets the needs of parents, teachers and students.


New Zealand mortgage rates are higher than Australia and much of the developed world. Power prices are spiralling out of control. The National Govt. has been asleep at the wheel. A Labour Govt. will use smart policy to target price rises in housing and electricity.

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