Plan to make Mahia possum-free

Wairoa Star, Wairoa East Coast by STUART NASH 12 Jul 2018

POSSUMS, feral cats and rats are the big losers in the latest Hawke’s Bay project to benefit from government support.

We are backing the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council plan to make the Mahia Peninsula possum-free.

The Government will spend $1.6 million to help make Hawke’s Bay predator-free.

Councils, iwi, and private landowners will contribute the remaining two-thirds of the cost.

Many of our native birds, in particular our iconic kiwi, are at risk from pests.

The Minister of Conservation has confirmed plans to work alongside local people in a joint effort to eradicate possums on Mahia Peninsula.

The project could help farmers halve the cost of predator control on farmland.

We will work to eradicate possums and will target feral cats, stoats and weasels with poison.

The project will use wireless monitoring of traps.

The large scale ParaAminopropiophenone (PAPP) trial will test the cost effectiveness of this toxin at reducing predators on farmland.

The installation of wireless trap monitoring across farmland will test the effectiveness of wi-fi technology in helping farmers with large scale predator control.

It should also reduce the ongoing costs of controlling and suppressing predators on farmland until eradication is possible.

Pest control efforts in the Hawke’s Bay are about to go to the next level.

The Conservation Minister’s decision to contribute funds recognises the collaborative work already under way by many committed farmers and community groups in the region which has been integral to the development of the Predator Free Hawke’s Bay Project.

The project is a strong signal that Hawke’s Bay takes the Government’s conservation efforts seriously, and is a willing partner to help New Zealand become pest-free by 2050.

Many different groups from across the community have shown huge enthusiasm to protect our native species and natural resources from pests.

This Government is ready to support them during the challenges ahead.

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